We have been established in Thailand since 1988 and originally had a manufacturing facility in Taiwan. At the time, we were producing high-end porcelain figurines for European and American customers. After moving the manufacturing to Thailand, we became DEM, the High-End for Porcelain and Fine China bodies in figurines, ornaments, and gifts.

timeline company history

  • In 2000, we have expanded the business to High-End Bone China and Fine China bodies in figurines, ornaments, and gifts.
  • In 2008, the company changed the business strategy to DEM Bone China and Fine China bodies in hollowware, flatware, and tabletop for top luxury brands in Europe, the UK, and the USA until today.

The current facilities

The current facilities are located on a 13,424 square meter site at Homkred, Sampran Nakornpathom, Thailand. We currently employ 350 people, with an emphasis on working together to provide the best service to customers.

knowledge and experience

From the knowledge and experience of Bone China and Fine China figurines, hollowware, flatware, and tabletop for more than 30 years, we have various skills and techniques that can achieve our customers’ requirements and designs. To make our customers satisfied,

we always challenge our capabilities and work closely with customers. We successfully produce various products that have won global awards, such as the Red Dot design award, etc.

“Make It Happen” is our motto at work.

Goals and Visions

This is to ensure we can achieve our customers’ goals along with our own, which is to be one of the best products in design and quality.

Other than that, we also focus on an ethical code of conduct in our organization and process to build a culture of compliance throughout the organization,

from the management team to all employees. Using the strong teamwork and unity of organizations for the best experience for our customers.

International standards

We had developed and been certified to international standards such as ISO9001, GMP, and GHP by early 2019. These activities have been designed to improve our quality management standards and support the growth of worldwide businesses.

Our organization is always concerned about user friendliness and safety. Our products pass the P.65, Norwegian standard, etc., for lead and cadmium. So, the consumer can use the product worry-free.

the climate change crisis

Other than manufacturing activities and efficiency. Our organization has realized the serious global warming that is rapidly creating the climate change crisis.

We started a few years ago to study renewable energy and aim to submit a target to reduce GHG emissions.

(Follow Paris Agreement Standard) for the sustainability of humanity’s life and to pass the better world forward to our next generations.